What Do You Meme? Rebrands to Relatable, Launches New Game

What Do You Meme?, originally named after its flagship game, is moving on to a new brand identity, hoping to better reflect the expanding offerings the game company has in its portfolio. The newly coined Relatable is continuing its focus on party, family, relationship, and drinking games, with additional lifestyle, wellness, and novelty products.

As our brand has continued to grow and expand into new categories over the years, we wanted our new name to more accurately represent everything that we have to offer.

Ben Kaplan, Co-Founder of Relatable

Relatable got its start in 2016 with a Kickstarter fundraiser for the What Do You Meme? game. The company has released a number of games since, with popular adult party options such as Buzzed, Let’s Get Deep, Incohearent, and more. Beyond adult games, Relatable has made original family games as well as family-friendly versions of some of its offerings such as What Do You Meme? Family Edition and Incohearent Family Edition. With the rebrand, Relatable is launching its newest game: Who Killed Mia?, the first murder mystery party game from the company.

Who Killed Mia? puts a social media twist on classic murder mystery games. | Source: Relatable

Who Killed Mia? asks players to solve the mystery of social media influencer Mia Star’s death. The game has a mix of physical and digital evidence players can interact with, including live-action videos, Mia’s text message exchanges, magazine clippings, and more. The game comes with three evidence folders with 40 pieces of physical evidence for players to examine as well as links to a number of digital experiences. A smartphone is needed to interact with the game fully.

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Relatable’s newest game, Who Killed Mia?, is available now at retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and the Relatable store page. The company’s rebrand comes with an eagerness to move beyond its usual card games and plan, as Co-Founder Ben Kaplan stated, “expanding even further beyond games.”

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