The Miraculous Volkswagen e-Beetle Is a Miracle on Four Wheels

In her role as the Guardian of the Miraculous and Paris’ favorite superhero, Ladybug is one busy bug! When she’s not on the move swinging through the skies, Ladybug can be found steering through the streets in her Volkswagen e-Beetle. Now, kids ages 4 and up can relive the high speed thrills with their own Miraculous Volkswagen e-Beetle from Playmates Toys.

This 15-inch-long model car is just like the e-Beetle in the new movie Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie on Netflix, which follows two Parisian teens who transform into superheroes and protect the city from villains. This officially licensed VW car features a vibrant red color and Ladybug’s signature black spots. Kids will enjoy all of the small details present on the car, from the various VW logos to the adjustable steering wheel. 

This automobile includes fully functional butterfly doors, a sunroof, and a trunk that can all be flipped open and closed — just be sure to handle the doors with care! Plus, kids can use the removable roof to gaze out at the night stars or use the trunk for additional storage.

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There’s enough room for two dolls inside the car, which means Ladybug can take a Miraculous ally on a mission to defeat Hawk Moth or a special paw-rtner on a date. The car is also big enough to seat five cute Kwamis, or small spirit-like beings, on the dashboard or in the trunk. Grownups should know that the dolls and Kwamis are sold separately from the car. However, this car could be used with any set of small dolls or action figures.

The Miraculous Volkswagen e-Beetle is ready for a drive with its spinning wheels right out of the box. Paris’ favorite superheroes will enjoy cruising the streets in this fashionable and functional car.


Kids can swing open the butterfly doors to drive through Paris with Ladybug or flip open the sunroof. THis VW seats two heroes and up to five kwamis. The trunk offers extra storage, and the adjustable steering wheel lets Ladybug steer clear of any evil akumas. The VW is inspired by the electric concept car…

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