New Sesame Street Cooking Kit Highlights Different Cultures

The Sesame Street squad and In KidZ teamed up to give your family a yummy, cultural experience!

A new cooking-themed activity kit featuring Sesame Street characters could be a solution to your picky eater’s aversion to certain foods, or just serve as a great way to spend family time. The kit was created to introduce children to foods and traditions from different cultures while fostering a fun, creative environment for families to learn together. 

Kids can play several food-related games. | Source: In KidZ

The Sesame Street Cooking Kit box set features characters like Cookie Monster and Elmo, and includes a recipe book with easy-to-learn instructions and several activities designed to teach kids important skills. A memory match card game featuring measurements and different food items, food bingo, a picnic puzzle, and a white board with different icons of food are included. Kids can work on memorization skills, reading comprehension, and following steps while playing the games or following the recipe.

The kit also comes with a Cookie Monster apron and paper chef hat, so your little one will feel like a real cook!

The recipe book has several recipes, inspired by diverse cultures, for families to cook together. “Grandpa ZZ’s Mac ‘n Cheese” is inspired by Southern cooking, while “Ji-Young’s Kimbap” comes from Korean cuisine. Another recipe included in the kit, “Rosita’s Corn Muffins,” represents popular Mexican dishes and Mexican heritage. 

The kit comes with different cooking accessories. | Source: In KidZ

Families can also use the included utensils and napkins featuring Cookie Monster and Elmo for indoor and outdoor picnics. If your kid is interested in cooking, this is a great way to introduce different cultural practices while fostering their new hobby!

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The activity kit is currently available to preorder for $54.99 at the following link. Don’t forget to do your best Cookie Monster impression while cooking!


Support an interest in cooking while teaching your kid about different cultures! This Sesame Street-themed cooking activity kit includes a recipe book with recipes from around the world. It also includes a Cookie Monster apron, a food-themed memory card game, food bingo, and more activities that will teach your kid important skills.


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