Hasbro Launches New NERF Blaster with Content Creator

Hasbro is upgrading a fan-favorite NERF blaster for the biggest NERF fans. The company teamed up with Luke Goodman, a NERF-themed content creator also known as Out of Darts, to launch the NERF Pro Stryfe X Blaster, the first-ever NERF blaster that shoots half darts.

The NERF Pro Stryfe X Blaster is an upgraded version of the original Stryfe blaster. Designed for teens ages 14 and up, the blaster features 30 AccuStrike half darts that provide better accuracy. The blaster also has a semi-automatic firing mechanism that fires darts at speeds of up to 150 feet per second and a removable rechargeable battery.

Source: Hasbro

NERF enthusiasts can also customize the NERF Pro Stryfe X Blaster using  the tactical rails, a stock attachment point, and a sling mount. The blaster also features a specially designed quick-swap magazine that fits 15 darts inside and protective eyewear. 

The NERF Pro Stryfe X Blaster is currently available for preorder on Amazon and starts hitting shelves on Oct. 15.

منبع: https://toybook.com/nerf-pro-stryfe-x-blaster-launch/

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