‘Zoodio World’ Creates a Virtual Educational World

Kids love playing on their tablets, no matter what games they have on it, so why shouldn’t they be educational, too? The latest app from Headstart launches kids into a virtual world where they can learn with animal friends!

Zoodio World is an educational app designed for preschoolers to learn about numbers, colors, animals, music, shapes, letters, and more. The app features 20 animal friends to help guide kids through the learning process, including Ciara Cat, Ruby Rabbit, Luv Lion, Pete Peacock, and more.

There are more than 30 activities for kids to do on Zoodio World. Some highlights to the lineup include helping Ruby Rabbit establish a bedtime routine, matching emojis with Luv Lion, bringing a snowman to life with Peng Panda, playing doctor and helping patients, and more.

Zoodio World is available to download for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. To start off, kids have a seven-day free trial to test out all of the activities. After that, Zoodio World costs $2.99 a month and can be cancelled anytime. Zoodio World is a great app for kids who want to make the most out of their screen time!

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