ZAG Heads to LicensingCon Brazil with ‘Miraculous’ and ‘Ghostforce’

ZAG is heading to Brazil to highlight its brands once again! The studio, known for its hit series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir as well as other animated offerings, will be sharing future plans at a summit and cocktail on the first night of the convention. It will be ZAG’s second year exhibiting at LicensingCon Brazil, running from Aug. 23-24.

‘Miraculous’ is stronger than ever with a 360 program that reaches all age demographics with the core brand, as well as manga, gaming, and music. And for ‘Ghostforce,’ we are working closely with our content partners Discovery Kids and SBT to amplify toys, back to school, party goods and apparel as well as mall event activities.

Angela Cortez, VP Licensing, Latin America & Canada

Considering its popularity, it’s no surprise that the Miraculous brand will be getting attention at the show. New products and events scheduled for launch this year include ranges of apparel from Loja Anime as well as Fan Lab, a range of oral care from Gum, a 32-page Miraculous movie sticker book from Panini, a manga from Kodansha, and back-to-school backpacks from Dermiwill.

Games featuring the characters and stories from Miraculous have found a foothold in the Latin American region, with almost 50% of new mobile game Miraculous Life downloads from Brazil. Brazil has the highest number of plays, outside of the United States, of the Roblox game Miraculous RP: Quests of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Ghostforce follows the adventures of three teens as they defend their city from ghosts. | Source: ZAG

Ghostforce, another ZAG animated series, will also have showings at the convention. The brand has plans for 18-inch figurines as well as Halloween costumes from Novabrink; wooden board games, jigsaw puzzles, activity sets, and more from Xalingo; lunch boxes from Dermiwill; and ice cream from Lolla Sorvestes. The series is available on SBT in Brazil. Both Miraculous and Ghostforce additionally have plans for experience offerings at malls in Curitiba this September.

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ZAG will be exhibiting at LicensingCon Brazil this Aug. 23-24, highlighting planned growth for its brands. Other toy and entertainment industry exhibitors coming to the show include Mattel, Warner Bros., Sanrio, and more.


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