Youtooz Receives Funding Package from Decathlon Capital Partners

Youtooz, a company that is known for its stylized collectibles, has received a significant funding package from Decathlon Capital Partners. 

The new funds will go toward expanding distribution and launching new product lines. Youtooz currently offers licensed collectibles from several brands including Stranger Things, One Piece, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more. 

“We’ve built an amazing community of creators, artists and fans who join with us in turning internet culture into products that people love,” says Austin Long, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Youtooz. “We’re excited to grow into new markets, invest into improved logistics, and increase our presence as a key player in the licensed product industry.” 

“The founders of Youtooz are driven by a vision, and they have demonstrated the management skills to bring their vision to reality,” says John Borchers, Managing Director of Decathlon Capital Partners. “Youtooz has built a strong base and is well on its way to becoming the leading company in the licensed products sector.”

The funding package will be repaid through future revenues and did not require any equity in the company.


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