You Can Become a LEGO Millionaire with the Launch of LEGO Insiders

You may have dreamed about being a regular old millionaire, but have you ever thought about being a LEGO millionaire?

LEGO is overhauling its LEGO VIP rewards membership and launching LEGO Insider. Much like LEGO VIP, adults can earn points when the shop LEGO at and in LEGO stores, but now you can earn more points when you register your entire LEGO collection, take part in family activities, be the first to hear about great deals and new sets, and join a community of other LEGO enthusiasts to share ideas.

Along with the launch, LEGO is running the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt contest. In the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt, users can scan LEGO bricks using augmented reality either at home or in LEGO stores to try and find a golden LEGO brick and reveal a prize. Golden bricks can reveal a number of prizes, including digital comic book makers, unlocks in LEGO games, and digital downloads of images from LEGO history. There is no limit to the number of LEGO bricks users can scan in a day, so go crazy scanning all the pieces in your LEGO collection!

Does your family have what it takes to find the golden bricks? | Source: LEGO

Six people per week in each participating country will also become LEGO millionaires, winning $9,000 worth of points to spend in the LEGO Insiders Reward Center. Winners can spend their riches on discounts on sets, member-only merchandise, sweepstakes entries (in select countries) for cool collectibles, and more.

The LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt runs until Oct. 2. Even if you weren’t a member of LEGO VIP, now is a great time to join LEGO Insiders! For more information on the LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt, head to

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