Train and Play with This Talking, Moving Pikachu

Your new Pokémon best friend is here — and it’s ready to play! With more than 50 reactions, including lights, sounds, movements, and more, the Pokémon Train and Play Deluxe Pikachu from Jazwares is a highly interactive experience for little Pokémon fans.

Little trainers ages 4 and up can channel their creativity and pretend they are in the midst of battle with Pikachu by their side. They can train, play, feed, and even talk to this deluxe version of Pikachu.

Source: Jazwares

Pikachu reacts to your voice, so when you tell it to “Attack!” it may respond with a fun and familiar “Pika! Pika!” You can even speak to it directly for more conversation. It also reacts to your touch, so you can touch its forehead to see it light up! From its cheeks lighting up to moving its arms, ears, and tail, Pikachu is responsive and plays with you, too.

When Pikachu gets tired, kids can feed it with the two included interactive accessories. Each of berries triggers a reaction when held to Pikachu’s nose!

The batteries for this toy are included, so Pikachu is ready for action right away. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, so kids can be entertained on the go, in the car, and more. Not only will kids be occupied playing with Pikachu, but adult Pokémon fans like myself will also certainly enjoy sharing these moments with the kids in their life.

With so many ways to interact with it, the Pokémon Train and Play Deluxe Pikachu from Jazwares is sure to be your new best friend in no time!

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Featuring more than 50 unique reactions, this 4.5-inch Pikachu comes with two interactive berries that trigger reactions when kids hold it to Pikachu’s nose. The figure features light-up cheeks; makes sounds; and has movement in its arms, ears, and tail.


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