This Year’s Barbie Dreamhouse Is an Instant Classic

2023 has been the year of Barbie. Barbie: The Movie is officially one of the best-selling movies of all time and with its release comes tons of Barbie-themed toys and dolls. Of course, the most iconic Barbie toy of all time is none other than the Barbie Dreamhouse. 

This year’s Barbie Dreamhouse features three stories of Barbie fun and is designed to house standard-size Barbie dolls (not included). Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Barbie Dreamhouse is decked out in several shades of pink, from the hot pink spiral slide to the light pink elevator. There are 10 living areas in the set, including a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room, along with an elevator that is wheelchair-accessible, and more! 

If this is the first Barbie Dreamhouse you’ve experienced, be prepared — this thing is huge. At 3.5 feet tall, this dollhouse is almost as big as most preschoolers. Assembling the dreamhouse took me a couple of hours, so make sure you put aside some time to put it together. Also, make sure you have space in your home for kids to fully enjoy it!

The Barbie Dreamhouse has so much to explore! | Source: Mattel

Once the building is out of the way, kids can dive into play! This set comes with tons of accessories for kids to play with, including furniture, kitchen supplies, toothbrushes, and more. The Dreamhouse even includes a puppy! Different accessories are built with the puppy in mind, including a designated spot on the elevator, a dog house, and its own pool with a slide! This Dreamhouse also comes with a pool that can fit two or more full-size Barbie dolls. Kids can either fill these pools up with water for a real-life touch or leave them empty and play imaginatively. 

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This set is perfect for little doll lovers who thrive on imaginative play. They can make their own Barbie world in this playset, from waking up in the morning to having slumber parties with the pull-out bed at night! Kids can also host Barbie pool parties outside, interact with the lights and sounds of the oven, and more!

A Barbie Dreamhouse is a dream toy for preschoolers and early-grade schoolers and is a perfect present for the kids in your life who have an ever-growing collection of Barbie dolls. 


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