The Op | USAopoly Heads to Adventure Bay with ‘PAW Patrol’ Games

The Op | USAopoly is known for giving classic games a pop culture twist. The company’s latest games are just in time for kids to play after they watch PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie this weekend. 

In Guess Who?: PAW Patrol kids ages 6 and up put their PAW Patrol knowledge to the test. Just like the classic game, kids each get their own secret character. By asking yes or no questions, they must narrow down which character they think their opponent has. This version of the game features the iconic characters from PAW Patrol, including Chase, Everest, Rubble, Liberty, and more. 

Kids play as Skye, Rubble, Chase, or Marshall in Monopoly Jr.: PAW Patrol. As kids ages 5 and up make their way around the board, passing Go, staying in Free Parking, and taking the occasional stop in jail, they can buy up properties like The Lookout Tower, Adventure Bay Bridge, and Katie’s Pet Parlor. There are four Mission squares kids can land on that will take kids on special adventures. 

Long-time PAW Patrol fans finally have the perfect games to add to their family game night rotation!


In this version of Monopoly Jr., kids can take over Adventure Bay! Kids can play the game as Skye, Rubble, Chase, and Marshall and buy up properties featured in PAW Patrol!


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