The Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spiral Construction Tower Builds Skills

If you have a toddler who can’t stop talking trucks and construction, the latest offering from VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels line offers the perfect imaginative infusion to your playroom.

The Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spiral Construction Tower is a large playset designed for kids ages 18 months and up. Once built, the set is 4 feet wide. And those 4 feet are packed with a variety of interactive elements for kids to explore with the included Dump Truck. These elements include a crane with a cargo hook, a tipping bin, a freight elevator, a drawbridge, and more. Of course, there is also a large spiral ramp — which gives the set its name — that has a car launcher at the top. The set also includes five construction play pieces that kids can incorporate into their imaginative play, including a boulder and some cargo.

For those who may not be familiar with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels line, these toys feature an assortment of cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have smiling faces on their windshields and come packed with dozens of sounds and phrases. Kids elicit those sounds either by pressing a button on the vehicle or by rolling it over a special SmartPoint on the playset. These spots each feature a QR code that the vehicle can read, prompting phrases that relate to that part of the set. For littles, it’s like magic! This set specifically has seven SmartPoint spots. The included Dump Truck can interact with these points, but so can any other compatible SmartWheels vehicle.

While there is nearly endless imaginative play potential with this set, as kids create construction jobs and use the vehicles and accessories to get the job done, the Spiral Construction Tower is also educational. As kids play, manipulating the set’s moving parts will help them hone fine motor skills. They will also learn through the phrases they hear from the Dump Truck and other Smart Wheels vehicles. Kids will hear about expressing emotions, counting, the workings of a construction site, and more. The SmartPoint phrases also encourage additional imaginative play, giving kids prompts and suggestions.

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One thing worth noting for adults: This set does acquire adult assembly. You’ll need to set aside some time to follow the instructions step by step and get this construction site ready for action. If you find yourself unsure about any piece placement, I recommend looking at the many full-color images of the set that are available online and on the box. The set may take some time to set up, but the payoff is big — literally! This playset is visually impressive, sturdy, educational, and interactive.

Much like a real construction site, there is always more to do with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Construction tower. Let’s get building!

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spiral Construction Tower

This construction set playset is 4 feet wide and comes with five construction accessories, 10 moving parts, and an interactive Dump Truck vehicle. Roll the truck over any of the seven SmartPoint spots on the set to hear sounds and phrases that encourage learning and imaginative play.

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