Take a Break from Busy Life to Share an Interactive Adventure with My Gnome on the Roam

From soccer games to piano recitals and everything in between, families have very busy schedules. However, My Gnome on the Roam has introduced a collection of toys, books, and tools to encourage busy families to slow down, even for 15 minutes, and enjoy a short but meaningful interactive adventure. The products respond to all of today’s buzzwords in the toy field, from MESH (Mental Emotional Social Health) and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and STEAM to DIY and inclusion.

The toy industry has taken note and awarded the company. The awards come from organizations including The National Parenting Center, Creative Child, Academic’s Choice, and more. In addition, Dr. Shefali Tsabery, Oprah Winfrey’s parenting expert and New York Times best-selling author, has endorsed the company.

Adventure and Creativity Kit | Source: My Gnome on the Roam

The award-winning Adventure and Creativity Kit ($39) encourages families to adopt and design a Gnome/family mascot/adventure companion. It comes with a 6-inch DIY gnome to decorate as well as an activity suitcase carrying a storybook, an adventure journal, an adventure guide, and a magical wooden pen. Families can download the app for daily suggestions to spend 15 minutes together, creating special memories.

My Gnome in His Home | Source: My Gnome on the Roam

Gnome in His/Her Home ($14.99) is a packed kit that includes a gnome, an award-winning book that can be colored, a journal, and a twig pen (or colored pencils). Kids can journal about their adventures as it promotes writing and creates memories. Once written, youngsters can share adventures with other adventurers around the world using My Gnome on the Roam’s social media community.

An Artist’s Adventure Book | Source: My Gnome on the Roam

My Gnome on the Roam: An Artist’s Adventure Book ($17.99) is not just a story, but a work of art in itself. It invites each reader to create their own special works of art and encourages beautiful messes.

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My Gnome on the Roam Book ($17.99) invites each reader to bring their own unique color and design to each illustration in their own original style.

Adventure Cards | Source: My Gnome on the Roam

On the Roam Adventure Cards ($9.97) is an imaginative way for families to create adventures when they are “on the roam” in airports, hotels, museums, and on road trips. Each card suggests free or inexpensive ideas. The deck can easily be packed in a purse or backpack for easy retrieval.

Lastly, the My Gnome on the Roam app ($4.99 monthly subscription with a free one-week trial) becomes a library filled with 15-minute adventure ideas for every day of the week: Make it Monday, Tell Me Tuesday, Wanderlust Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Freaky Friday, Saturdazzleday, and Soul Food Sunday.

My Gnome on the Roam is not just for kids. One Vanderbilt University professor incorporates the mythical gnomes in a college-level course as education majors travel abroad. Look for My Gnome on the Roam at neighborhood specialty shops, Whole Foods, mygnomeontheroam.com, and Amazon. 

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