Stay Hydrated and Creative with Purple Ladybug’s Decorate Your Own Gemstone Water Bottle Kit

Kids can cool off this summer with the help of Purple Ladybug’s Decorate Your Own Gemstone Water Bottle Kit. Not only is this a fun DYO craft project, but it will also leave littles ones eager to drink more water after customizing their bottles with shiny gemstones and rhinestones — a win, win!

The kit includes a 20-oz water bottle, four sheets of gemstone stickers, and a carabiner for on-the-go travel. The wide-mouth lid snaps open and closed, making it spill-free and easy to clean with a bottle brush. 

Designed for ages 6 and up, kids can embrace their creative sides by customizing their water bottles with sparkly stickers in various shapes that kids love, like hearts, diamonds, and flowers. There are even larger gemstone-enhanced designs of a unicorn, a butterfly, a peacock, and a ribbon. 

Kids can easily remove gemstones from the sheet and apply them to their bottles, making it a perfect mess-free project — no additional glue or added adhesives required. This aluminum BPA-free bottle is hand-wash only to ensure the stickers remain intact when its time to freshen it up. Once the bottle is covered in gemstone goodness, kids can expand their creativity by adding the stickers to other surfaces like journals, books, tablets, and more.

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Kids can design and create however they want, allowing them the opportunity to choose their own customization options and putting the power in their hands. Purple Ladybug’s Decorate Your Own Gemstone Water Bottle kit is a great way to prepare kids to go back to school, allowing them to show off their latest art project while staying hydrated during class.


Stay hydrated this summer! Kids will love decorating their own bottles with the Decorate Your Own Gemstone Water Bottle Kit. It comes with four sheets of sparkly rhinestone and glitter gemstone stickers for kids to bling out their bottles! Include a carabiner to hang the bottle so kids can bring it on the go. Kids…


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