Spin Master Brings Bakugan, ‘Unicorn Academy’ to the Metaverse

An increasing number of toy companies and manufacturers are getting involved with the metaverse.

The metaverse’s freshest recruits include two kids brands, Bakugan and Unicorn Academy, thanks to a partnership between Spin Master and Gamefam, a leading video game developer.

The Japanese-Canadian anime brand Bakugan will break new ground on the online gaming platform Roblox with an upcoming game: Bakugan Brawl Simulator. The game will feature the signature components of the battle-themed playing card-inspired series, allowing players to experience epic quests with their favorite characters, and of course, engage in brutal brawls. Bakugan Brawl Simulator will debut later this year.

Gameplay from the ‘Unicorn Academy’ integration. | Source: Spin Master

Unicorn Academy, which is inspired by the Netflix original animated series, serves as an “integration,” or a game within a game. Since Sept. 8, players have been able to follow protagonist Sophia’s journey from normal girl to bonafide unicorn rider within another one of Roblox’s games, Twilight Daycare. 

But the Unicorn Academy integration doesn’t stop there. Starting Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. ET, a Unicorn Academy movie will premiere within Twilight Daycare, and re-airs every two hours. 

“Together with Gamefam, we are delivering unique immersive experiences that harness the fandom of our incredible entertainment franchises and innovative toy brands,” says Spin Master Global Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Tucker. “Our latest integrations on the Roblox platform offer engaging play opportunities in the metaverse, meeting existing and new fans within a loved platform that they interact with every day.”

The ongoing partnership between Spinmaster, Gamefam, and WildBrain (a kids content creator and production company) has a strong presence so far as more than 1.4 billion brand engagements have been generated to date from introducing intellectual properties like Monster Jam, Bakugan, PixoBitz, and more into the metaverse.

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“The metaverse is tearing down the traditional boundaries of play,” says Gamefam Chief Business Officer. “Fans won’t be passively engaged by Unicorn Academy and Bakugan in our new integration and game; they’ll be living them.”

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