Review: Ahsoka – Dreams And Madness (S01E07) – Disney+

Last week I said episode six of Ahsoka, “Far Far Away”, is some of the best Star Wars on Disney+. Fast forward one week and episode seven is in many ways the counterpoint, it is in some ways the worst Star Wars on Disney+. How is this possible? Why is Ahsoka so terribly uneven? Now on the surface the current episode is fun, it has lots of ‘splosions, lightsaber action, space action, it has a swift pace and yet even more memberberry cameos. On the surface it’s never boring. But when you look behind the curtain you find there isn’t some Oz, there is nothing, just a vacuum of nothingness. The plot of this episode is plain stupid when you think about it all for just one second. No other way to put it. So click here to read my spoiler review for “Dreams and Madness” and let’s discuss the penultimate Ahsoka season 1 episode!



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