Pudgy Penguins Waddle to Walmart Shelves

Kids can now find Pudgy Penguins, the adorable line of penguin toys that kids can play with physically and digitally, at Walmart. Around 2,000 stores will carry fan-favorite Pudgy Toy products and exclusive items. 

Fans can unlock digital penguins with the adoption certificate. | Source: Pudgy Penguins

Both the Pudgy Penguins plush and figures come with a digital adoption certificate that kids can redeem on pudgeworld.com, the open-world digital social experience. Kids can unlock their Forever Pudgy, which they can use to play games and interact with other kids in Pudgy World, through the digital adoption certificate. 

Each certificate is unique to the plush or figurine and allows players to claim special traits for their Forever Pudgy character inside Pudgy World. Traits include outfits for the digital penguin, accessories, and backgrounds. The website is focused on creativity, freedom, and community. 

Fans can find 26 different Pudgy Toys at Walmart, including Flower Princess, Carrot Pudgy, Huffle Pudge, and Pudgy Princess Plush Buddies and the Samurai Figurine, Fish Head Figurine, Cowboy Figurine, and Army Hat action figures, each with distinct features and accessories. There are also 14 Mystery Igloos Collectibles for kids to collect. 

Walmart exclusives have chrome skins.  | Source: Pudgy Penguins

Walmart shoppers can also purchase penguins exclusive to Walmart. Ice Chrome and Gold Chrome collectible figures, both inside mystery Igloos, and a Blind Box containing a surprise Clip-On Plush are only available in Walmart stores. Fans can receive one of four different clip-on plush penguins. 

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Prepare your grocery list, because there’s another Pudgy Penguin surprise available at Walmart. Kids have a chance to find a golden ticket in their Walmart Pudgy Penguin purchase, which contains a code for a rare trait for their Forever Pudgy Penguin in Pudgy World. Head to Walmart in search of the golden ticket, or just to find your little one a new penguin friend. 

Pudgy Penguins are available at Walmart in-store and online at the links below. Pudgy Penguins will range between $2.99-$11.97. Waddle on!


Pudgy Penguins are now at Walmart! Fans can find penguin friends in figurine, plush, and clip-on form at 2,000 stores and online. Pick your favorite penguin and use the adoption certificate to play games and customize your style online in Pudgy World.

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