Princess Friends Are Back Again for ‘Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature’

Disney Princesses in podcast form!

Disney’s Frozen was a huge hit with kids everywhere. With catchy songs, charming characters, and adventure to be had, the film taught lessons about friendship and the love of family. Frozen II brought back the beloved cast of characters for a new adventure, culminating in Elsa realizing she is the fifth Spirit of the Enchanted Forest and Anna getting crowned as the new Queen of Arendelle. Now, Elsa and Anna have new challenges to face in an audio story available early on Wondery.

The new podcast sends Anna and Elsa on fresh adventures. | Source: Wondery

Fans of Frozen can return to Arendelle in Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature, an audio adventure from Disney Publishing Worldwide, ABC Audio, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The new podcast features 12 episodes made for kids ages 6-12, perfect for long car rides or a before-bed story. Queen Anna will need her sister’s help if she wants to stop the copper machines disrupting the natural order of the Enchanted Forest. Kids can meet new characters, see the return of old favorites, and listen along as they try to solve the mystery of these machines.

The new podcast is available now with early access on Wondery+ in the Wondery app and Wondery Kids+ on Apple Podcasts. Wondery is also offering listeners five exclusive bonus episodes, each a letter from the new Character Lord Wolfgang with his notes on Arendelle. If kids listen through all of Forces of Nature, they can move on to Wondery’s library of other kid-friendly podcasts, with series like Greeking Out, The Cat in the Hat Cast, and Little Stories Everywhere.

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The new podcast every princess is sure to love, Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature, is available with early access now on Wondery+ and Wondery Kids+. The first season will release wherever you listen to podcasts on Oct. 11. Follow Elsa and Anna on a new adventure full of fun and family!


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