Polestar and Mattel Partner for Polestar Design Contest, Future Cars

Hot Wheels continues its quest to partner with iconic car brands across the globe!

Polestar is a Swedish car brand that got its start in 1996 and is now known for its focus on electric cars. The company recently hosted the Polestar Design Contest 2022, with the winning car getting its own full-size model. Polestar is taking the opportunity to reveal a new partnership with Mattel‘s Hot Wheels brand.

The Polestar Synergy electric car combines three winning designs from the company’s latest competition. | Source: Polestar

This year’s winner synthesizes three designs from over 600 entries. Contestants were asked to design a Polestar vehicle, with judges eventually selecting two exterior winners and one interior winner. The resulting 1:1 scale model will be joining the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in El Segundo, California, before making its way to a number of Polestar locations across the country.

Just as Polestar is redefining the boundaries of electric performance and automotive innovation, Hot Wheels has consistently pushed the limits of imagination and design.

Roberto Stanichi, SVP and Global Head of Vehicles at Mattel

The collaboration between the two companies doesn’t end there. Future Hot Wheels cars will feature Polestar production cars. In addition to the anticipated collectibles, Hot Wheels will work with Polestar for its next design contest.

Further details about the next Polestar Design Contest are expected to be released in the near future. The 1:1 scale model of the Polestar Design Contest 2022 winner will debut in Munich and tour from there.

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