Playview Teams Up with Mojang for Minecraft Inflatables

Minecraft is officially joining Playview Brands’ lineup of licensing agreements. 

The collaboration includes a collection of summer and winter inflatables that will launch this fall. The first Playview x Minecraft products to hit retail include Minecraft Winter Fun World inflatable snow sleds and the Minecraft 6-Piece Building Block Set, which includes blocks that look like creatures from Minecraft, including creepers, pigs, Endermen, and more. 

“Minecraft has captivated the imaginations of millions of players of all ages,” says Andrew Sparkes, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Playview Brands. “We’re beyond excited to partner with Mojang Studios to bring this globally lived-in world to reality for inflatable fun outside!”

Playview is also planning on adding beach balls and pool floats to the collection in the future. The company also recently renewed its licensing agreement with NERF for BUNKR Battle Zones, a collection of customizable NERF accessories and obstacles, and other NERF accessories. 


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