Penguin Random House Has the Perfect Books for Spooky Season

Penguin Random House has a huge collection of books for kids, and it’s about to get a lot more tricks and treats! The publisher is readying itself for the Halloween season with new releases featuring everything from monsters in picture books to graphic novels with skeletons.

The new books include picture books for younger readers, middle-grade novels, and even some young adult books for the teens in your life, all with a spooky aesthetic sure to get any reader in the mood for Halloween hijinks.

First up, there are plenty of picture books hitting the shelves for the littlest of trick-or-treaters. The Light Inside follows a shy Jack-o’-lantern as it searches for its favorite toy. (Get it here: Amazon.) Hopefully the Scarecrow has a scarecrow befriending a young girl that reads to him, tackling themes such as the lasting strength of friendship. (Get it here: Amazon.)

Going up in age categories, Penguin is publishing books that’ll delight any young readers. Skeleanor the Decomposer is a graphic novel following a music-loving skeleton named Skeleanor. (Get it here: Amazon.) The Snatcher of Raven Hollow follows Teo as she investigates a series of baby kidnappings in her town, determined to solve the mystery. (Get it here: Amazon.) What Do We Know About the Winchester House? is a book in a collection of options that all explore the mysteries and unknown, this one focused on a haunted house. (Get it here: Amazon.)

This is just a small sample of all the incredible books Penguin Random House has for readers of every age that want to embrace the mysterious and spooky vibes of this coming October. From picture books to young adult books for teens, anyone interested in more to read can head over to the official web page to browse books.


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