NSI International Ships 25 Millionth Laser X Blaster

25 million people can now play laser tag wherever they’d like!

New York City-based NSI International can boast a new milestone, with 25 million Laser X Blasters shipped, providing the laser tag experience without having to go to an entertainment center. The toy marketer and manufacturer is also known for brands such as Wubble, Smithsonian, and All Pro Passer.

The at-home laser tag brand is more popular than ever. | Source: NSI International

Laser X Blasters are designed to let kids play laser tag games at home, outside, and even during night or day. The blasters have a range of up to 500 feet and feature sound effects and lighting. Different color combinations indicate which team a player belongs to.

All blasters can be used at the same time. We could, in theory, have a giant 25-million-person game of laser tag!”

NSI Senior Vice President Brian Waldman

The brand offers a variety of different blasters, including the Laser X Ultra Double Blasters, the Laser X Ultra Micro B2 Blasters, and the Revolution Ultra Long-Range Double Blasters. All of the 25 million Laser X Blasters shipped by NSI International are compatible, allowing for huge games of laser tag in backyards everywhere.

Laser X Blasters are available at major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Costco. NSI continues to expand the range of blasters and laser tag game accessories available. The latest generation is Laser X Ultra, which features receivers that let players know who blasted them.

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