New LEGO Set Honors Insects and Their Environment

LEGO is embracing the intricate world of insects!

LEGO has a set for everything and everyone, and now that includes entomologists. The upcoming The Insect Collection LEGO set is designed for adults, continuing the company’s trend of tapping into the kidult market. The set is the 50th release from the LEGO Ideas platform, a website that invites fans to submit their ideas for sets, with a chance of turning them into actual products.

The new set features a blue morpho butterfly, Hercules beetle, and Chinese mantis. | Source: LEGO

The Insect Collection set features three buildable insects with detailed display bases inspired by the habitats they live in, scaled close to life-sized. The blue morpho butterfly has adjustable wings and rests on a flower with a small honey bee nearby. The Chinese mantis build features two articulated forelegs and a miniature seven-spotted ladybug hiding in flowers. Finally, a Hercules beetle sits atop LEGO wood with wings that can be closed or opened.

When we saw José Maria’s brilliant design, we knew it would be an instant hit with our fans! The intricate design is testament to José’s impressive academic background, and passion for photography and nature.

Federico Begher, Head of LEGO Product Group

The set was originally conceived by José María Pérez Suero (@hackiroku24), who was inspired by his time studying science as well as fine art. With the upcoming release of The Insect Collection, the LEGO Group has created Green Noise, a playlist of clicks and sounds designed to evoke each insect. The playlist was created in collaboration with foley artist Sanaa Kelley and features 45-minute tracks of flutters, clicks, and the snap of LEGO bricks.

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The new LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection set will be available at LEGO stores and online starting Sep. 4 for LEGO VIPs and Sep. 7 generally. The set features 1,111 pieces and has a recommended retail price of $79.99. More information about the set and the accompanying playlist can be found on the official webpage.


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