New Adult Game Hit Send Asks Players to Send Awkward Texts

Hit Send is a new adult game making the rounds on social media.

The game from Wow! Stuff starts with each player getting five text cards. A player starts by picking a letter and number card, for example, E and 2. The player then scrolls to the second contact under E in their phone. After the contact is revealed, other players put down text cards. The DM Don on the active player’s right chooses one to be sent. Points are earned if your text card is chosen and if the text gets a reply. The game also includes pre-written apology cards and is FSC-certified.

The Sidemen YouTube channel is run by seven social media influencers. | Source: The Sidemen

The game has been making the rounds on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. It was recently picked up by the seven-man video creators The Sidemen. Since playing the game, the group has invested in the game’s owners and has plans to feature it in their content. The Sidemen YouTube channel boasts more than 19 million subscribers.

The hybrid physical and texting card game Hit Send aims to bring a touch of modernity to the world of adult party games, incorporating players’ own phones with awkward texts sent to random contacts.

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