MGA’s Miniverse to Launch TikTok Reality Competition Series ‘Bite Size’

MGA Entertainment will launch Bite Size, a new reality competition series exclusively on TikTok in which social media creators face off in quick fire challenges using nine MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini collections.

The series will consist of 20 five- to six-minute episodes, hosted by TikTok miniature aficionado and Social Media Creator Marc Sebastian, who will be joined by a rotating panel of celebrities, influencers, and industry professionals as guest judges, such as Jake Shane, Ashley Yi, Ivan McCombs, and Kouvr Annon. At the end of the competition, the winner will receive $10,000 and the opportunity to design an exclusive capsule in an upcoming MGA’s Miniverse collection.

With new MGA’s Miniverse collections launching this year including Make It Mini Food Diner and Café Editions, Make It Mini Lifestyle, and more, the #Miniverse hashtag has already racked up more than 1 billion views on TikTok.

“The best part about MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini collection is that you don’t need to be an artist or pro, you can just pick up a capsule and start creating!” Sebastian says. “The idea for Bite Size came from seeing how creative people were getting with the Make It Mini capsules, I just couldn’t believe some of the pieces being made. With this series we get to show off that talent but in the funniest, most chaotic way possible.”

For each challenge in the series, Bite Size contestants will have to use a combination of MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini capsules to make their creations within a specific theme. Each capsule comes with surprise mini replica “ingredients” and accessories, as well as a recipe or instruction card for contestants to make their mini creations. The guest judges will rank each creation to name a winner and eliminate one competitor during each episode. The series will feature a variety of challenges including And Action, in which contestants create a dish that appears to be “in action” like spilled slushies; Mini Monsters, in which contestants create a miniature monster or creature utilizing the new Miniverse Halloween capsules; and Who’s Hungry? The Finale, in which contestants create an entire three course meal.

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“Bite Size was inspired by the overwhelming positive responses we received at VidCon 2023 when we launched new lines from the MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini brand,” says Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder of MGA Entertainment. “Marc Sebastian showed off his creativity, encouraging fans to stretch their own imagination and compete in mini challenges. Seeing this, the concept for a mini reality TikTok competition series was born to transcend the toy category and capture the joy of creating and collecting Miniverse minis.”

MGA’s Miniverse team is producing the series with marketing and advertising agency Project X/AV and Junk Films.

For more information, visit the MGA’s Miniverse website and follow MGA’s Miniverse on Instagram and TikTok.


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