Maurizio Distefano Licensing Signs Deals with Giochi Preziosi Brands

Giochi Preziosi, a major Italian name in toys and entertainment, has chosen Maurizio Distefano Licensing to manage licensing for the iconic children’s brand Cicciobello and the classic karaoke brand Canta Tu.

Born in 1962 with big blue eyes, a blond bob, and its famous identification tag, Cicciobello may be a highly successful doll, but it is also much more. The evergreen brand has won the hearts of little kids for generations, conveying positive values, nurturing creativity, and encouraging the simple joys of role play for more than 60 years. Cicciobello’s distinctive features and its ability to cry — a unique innovation at the time — made it memorable in the toy market. Its target audience ranges from newborns who can experience sensory and experiential play with Cicciobello and older children who can role-play parenthood to parents themselves.

“Cicciobello is an established brand with a positive message and irresistible appeal to children and families,” says Maurizio Distefano, President of Maurizio Distefano Licensing. “It’s ideal for growing in a variety of product categories where the brand’s values make it truly stand out. And it is, of course, a unique brand — and not just in Italy.”

Likewise, Canta Tu has also become part of the cultural fabric of Italy. This beloved audio/video system and microphone has allowed millions of people to experience the joys of karaoke over the years. The Canta Tu brand represents fun, celebration, and togetherness.

“Canta Tu is a part of Italian culture and a unique brand that offers many diverse possibilities for licensing collaborations,” says Distefano. “We are looking forward enormously to exploring the opportunities this extraordinary brand offers with potential licensees.”

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