KiwiCo Expands Panda Crate Subscription to Include Activities for Kids Up to Age 3

KiwiCo is making its Panda Crates available to more kids than ever!

KiwiCo’s Panda Crate is a bi-monthly subscription box that features developmentally appropriate activities. The Panda Crate initially catered to babies and toddlers up to age 2. Now, KiwiCo is expanding its lineup to include activities for toddlers up to age 3.

Some highlights in the new Panda Crate offerings include a bubble popper to practice counting, a rainbow block puzzle, and a fishing game designed for kids ages 25-30 months and a play snack set featuring wooden food, an activity backpack with snaps and zippers, and a plush panda designed for kids ages 31-36 months to prepare for preschool! Each Panda Crate also comes with a guide for adults to explain each toy’s purpose and help their kids engage with the toys.

Each Panda Crate has a different theme, including sorting, listening, moving, playing, and more. The KiwiCo Panda Crate starts at $33.90 per crate and is available at With more developmentally appropriate play, toddlers will be more prepared than ever as they head into preschool. 

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