Kids Keep Organized with Cubo Sticky Schedules

We all know this kind of adult: They have every moment of every week planned from now until they are 85. They write meticulous notes in color-coded detail and will send you a calendar invite for phone call. This is their origin story.

OK, OK — I can’t sit here and promise to you that Cubo Sticky Schedules will turn your kid into a Type A master planner (I think you just have to be born that way), but it does help preschoolers gain a foundation in routine management, which is the first step towards organization domination and a great thing to have this back-to-school season. The kit comes with 60 magnets that feature drawings of different activities kids might have in their days, three poster guides, and a storage box that doubles as a magnetic board and a matching game board.

Cubo Sticky Schedules are designed with the Montessori ideal that kids thrive on set routines. The set outlines these routines in an easily graspable way for preschoolers through illustrations. Parents can set up their daily routine, weekly schedules, and a chores list. They can use these magnets on the included board, which features a handy stand, or stick them on the fridge. When it’s all laid out, kids can better understand and anticipate the next task of their day.

In daily life, kids can often feel lost in the commotion, and this set helps them feel more in control. Parents can allow them to place the magnets, so while they don’t really have a choice about going to school and then the dentist, they can feel a part of the decision-making process. When used as a weekly schedule, it can also give them a visual to look forward to after a long week. I, too, would be excited if I could see “restaurant” after all of my chores.

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The set also features a matching game board. Kids can match the tiles to a bedtime routine, chores list, and places to visit. They will reach a new milestone when they finish each.

Any toddler parent knows the only thing their kid has time for is chaos, so Cubo Sticky Schedules are recommended for kids between the ages of 3-8. These ages are more willing to learn and ready to grasp those lifelong learning and cognitive skills. When not in use, the magnets fit back into the box for easy storage.

If your little one is heading back to school or starting for the first time, you can check finding the perfect new activity off your list!

Cubo Sticky Schedules

Preschoolers will learn early education and cognitive skills with this magnetic calendar set. It features illustrated magnets that kids can use to create daily, weekly, and chore schedules. The magnets fit into the box, which also doubles as a magnetic board and features a matching game.


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