Kids Can Put the ‘L’ in Learning with LeapFrog’s ABCs and Activities Wooden Table

If fusing fun and education for your little one is on your mind, look no further than LeapFrog’s ABCs and Activities Wooden Table, the proverbial Swiss-army-knife of productive playtime.

This educational table toy features dozens of ways to learn. The flipping center disc features, on one side, a series of classic and innovative activities. For example, there’s a sliding bead maze at its center, a vegetable counting game that lets kids pretend to plant seeds, and a storybook with multiple tunes.

Flipping the script (meaning the table), the center disc becomes a touch-and-learn hub of epic proportions. Numbers, instruments, animals, letters, and more are all a tiny tot’s finger tap away! 

Flip the center for even more play options. | Source: LeapFrog

The packaging advertises that the table offers three ways to play, but that’s selling itself quite short. This table-cum-playset offers so many chances for genuinely fun learning. 

Then there’s the aesthetics of the table: From beautifully illustrated bumblebees, daisies, caterpillars, and hens to the wooden tabletop imprinted with the letters of the alphabet, this toy is easy on the eyes. There’s another reason to feel good about this table: It is made from FSC-certified wood that comes from well-managed forests. Though not 100% sustainable, it’s a nice start.

The $70 price point can seem somewhat imposing for some. And while it certainly isn’t a budget toy, given that it’s intended for kids ages 6 months and up, there are potentially years of use to be had out of the thing, making the price-per-play potential quite low. All the more so considering the table works for sitting tots and transitions to the era of standing easily.

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Get ready to crank up youngsters’ knowledge of shapes, songs, letters, animals, and more–– Leapfrog brings serious learning to the table with this one.


This table offers kids multiple interactive ways to learn, either sitting or standing. There are are three ways to play, plus dozens of subjects for tots to learn, from letters and numbers to animals and musical instruments.


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