Kids Can Jam Out with ‘Trolls Band Together’ Toys

Moose Toys is getting kids excited for the newest Trolls movie with a new line of toys that will come out just in time for Trolls Band Together in November!

The collection includes Trolls Band Together Mineez, the first Trolls–inspired series of collectibles. Tolls Band Together Mineez has more than 100 1.5-inch scale figures to collect including Poppy, Branch, and more. The figures come in single packs ($2.99), two packs ($4.99), five packs ($9.99), and the 11-piece BroZone + Friends Performance Pack ($19.99).

The collection also features different toys for different types of play. Kids can recreate scenes from the movie with the Trolls Band Together Rhonda’s Playset ($24.99) which includes a Troll-sized camper, a Tiny Diamond figure, and a Poppy figure. They can snuggle up with Trolls Band Together Scruff-A-Luvs ($22.99), plush dolls with styleable hair, accessories, and clothes. The lineup also includes sensory toys like the Trolls Band Together Stretchy Hair figures ($13.99), which feature Poppy, Branch, and Viva with goo-filled hair that kids can stretch and squeeze. Kids can also take their favorite trolls on the go with Real Littles backpacks, mini backpacks that include a notebook, pen, pencil case, stickers, sticky notes and postcard set and are shaped like the troll’s head!

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The Trolls Band Together collection will hit shelves starting in October ahead of the movie’s release in November. Whether kids prefer doodling or collecting, they can embrace their inner troll with these latest toys from Moose Toys!


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