Kids Are in for Epic Shark Surprises with Beast Lab

Moose Toys is launching a new surprise toy, Beast Lab, to go hand-in-hand with Magic Mixies. Much like the Magic Mixies, Beast Lab adds a splash of fun to scientific surprises. 

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Beast Lab contains everything kids need to reveal an electronic action figure. To reveal the figure, kids must activate the lab by doing a simulated finger scan to begin a human-beast connection. Then, kids add the ingredients, activating sounds, roars, lights, and bubbles from the beast inside. Finally, when the Pandemonium Crystal starts to bubble, kids turn up the pressure dial and pull the emergency lever to drain the ingredients when the alarm goes off!

Beast Lab reveals an epic shark action figure inside! | Source: Moose Toys

Once kids reveal the beast, a Mayhem Megashark or Havoc Hammerhead, they can activate battle mode by pressing the simulated finger scan on the beast’s chest plate and attaching its weapon to get right into the action! The experiment is repeatable — each time kids go through the process, they can unlock new sounds, colors, and ways to play!

Beast Lab will be available online starting Sept. 1 for $74.99 before hitting shelves at stores across the country starting Oct. 1.


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