Keep Toddlers Busy and Active with Fat Brain Toys’ SpillAgain

When toddlers start to walk and run, keeping them entertained can be quite the challenge. Luckily, Fat Brain Toys’ latest game knows what to do with this new and active energy. 

SpillAgain is a fun suspense game with a fairly simple premise: Toddlers gather up 16 colorful balls and place them into a tower. The 22-inch tower has a built-in timer that will release the balls to start the fun over again.

Designed for kids ages 2 and up, this toy is the latest in Fat Brain Toys’ ongoing line of “Again” toys. Previous releases include SpinAgain, the RollAgain Tower, and the RollAgain Sorter. All of these colorful activities are designed to keep little hands busy — and SpillAgain is no different.

Playtime starts when the tower’s basket is full of soft, plastic balls that are well-sized for toddlers’ hands. Kids then press a button that activates the timer. When the timer randomly goes off, the balls drop from the basket and roll away from the tower. Toddlers can race to return the balls to the basket for an endless cycle of fun.  

With SpillAgain, parents can keep their toddlers entertained while helping them develop fine motor skills. Parents can get creative by creating skill-based challenges using the game, such as suggesting that kids gather the balls based on color or timing how fast they can collect them all. With 16 balls to collect, this is also a great option for keeping multiple kids entertained. If little ones aren’t ready for competitive play, they can practice teamwork by collecting the balls as quickly as possible.

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In addition to SpillAgain’s positive play benefits, adults will appreciate that they can assemble the toy in four easy steps. The pieces snap into place without the need for tools or batteries. It should take less than 5 minutes to have the game ready for play. The toy has other grownup-friendly features, too. Parents can store the balls in the basket for easy cleanup, and the toy is designed for both indoor and outdoor play. Just make sure the base is on a flat surface! 

Kids can stay moving this summer and all year long by engaging in this active, screen-free game.


Fill the top of the tower with the 16 colorful balls and then press the button. A hidden timer starts ticking away until suddenly … click. All the balls are dropped at once to be sent rolling in all directions. Quickly gather them up to do it all again.


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