Jump into Story Time with the ‘Owl & Dragon, A Magical Adventure’ Interactive Book

Every book lover wishes they could jump into the pages and become a part of the plot. Now your kids can live everyone’s dreams and do just that.

Amazon and Readyland, a toy development company, have collaborated to let your little ones join the action during storytime with the Alexa interactive book Owl & Dragon, A Magical Adventure. The book invites kids to join exciting adventures as they explore new worlds, find their way back home together, and learn a lot of lessons on the way!

Kids will embark on a magical journey with Owl and Dragon.

Your little ones will also recognize the familiar characters’ voices that are already available on the Owl and Dragon Echo Dot Kids devices. But with this book, readers can actually talk to the characters and play games. 

This exciting story is filled with audio surprises including finding all kinds of curious treasures in Owl’s nest and creating a musical symphony when they choose animal sounds from the creatures living in a pond. Then they can travel through a magical portal to identify shadows from flowers.

No stranger danger here — your kids will meet a wise old gnome, journey along a maze to find mystical lands, and discover fairy friends to find magical dust in the Fairy Corner. They will then find their voice by encouraging Dragon to light up the dark cavern and help Owl and Dragon find their way home through the glowing tunnel! 

Owl & Dragon, A Magical Adventure is available for pre-order on Amazon starting today, and books will be shipping next month. 

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This is an adventure that will surely tire your little one at bedtime — and make for some magical dreams.


With this interactive book by a Readyland and Amazon collaboration, kids can be a part of storytime. Join Owl and Dragon as they explore new worlds and find their way back home together by talking to the characters and playing games!

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