Jazwares Named Master Toy Licensee for Royale High

Jazwares has secured a master toy licensing agreement with Royale High, a fashion role-playing metaverse experience on Roblox. 

The collaboration will include an all-new toy line, including game-inspired fashion dolls that are set to launch in fall 2024. The line of dolls and accessories are expected to include exclusive game codes for matching virtual items. In addition, Jazwares Costumes Division will design and develop costumes and roleplay accessories for the 2024 Halloween season. 

Jazwares will also serve as a licensing conduit for Royale High to create a portfolio of consumer products in categories such as apparel, beauty, home decor, and more. 

“At Jazwares, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s trending for kids of all ages, and it’s clear that Royale High has already made a massive impact in the gaming realm,” says Judd Karofsky, Executive Vice President, Jazwares. “We know how to translate gaming properties into off-screen products better than anyone in the industry, masterfully translating (intellectual property) IP into toys but also creating meaningful consumer products programs. Tapping into the popularity of Royale High is expanding our portfolio into the girls’ space in a big way, and we can’t wait to introduce our new line to the community of fans.”

With more than 105 million users and 9 billion play sessions, Royale High offers players a virtual environment where fashion and style take over. In the game, players attend a magical castle boarding school where each student receives items, such as glittery-winged keys to a dorm that they can decorate as they wish. The game is meant to be a safe space where players are free to dress their characters in styles that express their creativity. 

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“We’re excited to spread the themes of creativity, self-expression, and the promotion of play to the real world by partnering up with Jazwares,” says Royale High’s creative lead known as “CallMehBob.” “Through the use of real toys, Royale High can fuel children’s fantasy dream life in a form that they’re able to touch and hold. This is a fantastic opportunity, and we’re eager to work alongside a company that’s equally as interested in understanding what makes Royale High so magical, so they can artfully translate it into a whole new medium.”

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