Jazwares Donates 10,000 Exclusive Squishmallows to Make-A-Wish

Jazwares is donating more than 10,000 limited edition Star Squishmallows to Make-A-Wish chapters in the U.S. and Canada. These plush are being created exclusively for Make-A-Wish, and will be given to kids with critical illnesses and their siblings.

Star, a blue bear covered with bright silver and yellow stars, is an adventurer who goes on daily missions throughout the galaxy. Star is always optimistic and stays hopeful no matter what the next mission brings. Jazwares aims to boost optimism in families experiencing challenging circumstances by bringing them a soft and cuddly plush friend.  

Star is a blue bear adorned in bright yellow and silver stars. | Source: Jazwares

“Our hope is that Star will make the Make-A-Wish journey even more meaningful for wish kids, and their siblings,” says Laura Zebersky, President of Jazwares and Board Chair of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. “Star is just like the thousands of Make-A-Wish families who remain optimistic and hopeful in the most challenging circumstances.”

“This collaboration adds a spark of hope after a diagnosis that can upend a childhood and bring stress into the lives of wish kids and their families,” says LuAnn Bott, Vice President of Revenue Partnerships and Services at Make-A-Wish America.

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