Jazwares’ DevSeries Collection Brings Virtual Roblox Games to the Toy Box

Video games have quickly cemented themselves as a cornerstone of the modern kid’s playtime arsenal. Jazwares’ new DevSeries toy collection celebrates and expands this phenomenon by making available physical toys from previously screen-only favorite games from within the Roblox universe. 

This collection is jam-packed with items, with the toys generally fitting into six categories: plush, sqooshems, multipacks, mystery figures, hangers, and collectors bundles.  

There are nine plush in the collection. | Source: Jazwares

If it seems like a lot, that’s because it is. The collection spans nine different Roblox-based games: Brookhaven, Murder Mystery 2, Livetopia Roleplay, Build a Boat for Treasure, Tower of Hell, Jail Break, Arsenal Reloaded, Hide and Seek Extreme, and Ninja Legends. The toys in the collection are intended for kids ages 6 and up.

Several mystery box toys in the collection bring the fun in a big way: the blind hangers ($5) are perfect for clipping to backpacks and the like, while the mystery figures ($24.99 for a six-pack) are little multi-piece action figures that give kids the added bonus of a surprise upon opening. The sqooshems ($5) are small, stretchy, and squishy figures, which are great for fidgeters.

DevSeries Mystery Figures. | Source: Jazwares

This collection is a great digital-physical hybrid instrument of play. Kids who are already tech-savvy and enthusiastic about Roblox games will benefit from the physical, screen-free playtime these toys offer. But for those either looking to incorporate video games, tech, or even social opportunities into a kid’s playtime diet, this intro to Roblox could be a serious boon. Plus, each item in the collection comes with an exclusive virtual item code, which gives kids access to in-game collectibles, virtual clothing, and more. 

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Not sure where to start? A good mix for young Roblox faithfuls is the collector’s bundle ($19.99), which includes a plush, a hanger, and a sqooshems, plus three exclusive virtual item codes, giving kids just a little bit of everything they need to level up their gaming. 

Even if your kid isn’t a die-hard Robloxian, the colorful characters (from ultra-squishy dinos and creepy jack-in-the-boxes to articulated jovial cowboy figures) make for good building blocks of imaginative play. 

There are many routes to take here, so between the six categories of toys and the nine games that inspired them, it could feel initially overwhelming for parents who aren’t familiar with the many lores and storylines of the Roblox universe. But the good news is, the digital components are easy enough to master on one’s own, and there’s no set rulebook here with how kids are expected to play. 

And that’s the beauty of the collection and the allure of expansive video games like Roblox. Though at first glance Jazwares’ DevSeries collection may seem complicated, really it’s about opening up kids’ world of play, and making the virtual icons they love come to life.

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