Jada Toys Launches ‘Donkey Hodie’ Plush

Jada Toys has partnered with Fred Rogers Productions to launch a line of toys inspired by the preschool series Donkey Hodie. 

This is the first time Donkey Hodie toys have come to market. The first installment of the collection drops this fall and features a 14-inch Donkey Hodie plush and a 16-inch Purple Panda plush.

“We strive to provide our customers with the best quality product from the most sought-after licenses,” says Amy Austin, Vice President of Global Licensing and Retail Marketing of Jada Toys. “Donkey Hodie is an inspiring series for the preschool audience. This partnership with Fred Rogers Productions speaks to our shared commitment to deliver best-in-class entertainment properties for children and families.” 

“Jada has captured the playful spirit of the characters that children and families have fallen in love with, and we’re so happy to be building the Donkey Hodie brand with them,” says Matt Shiels, Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for Fred Rogers Productions.

Four more toys including figures, vehicles, and finger puppets will come out of this collaboration later this year into next year. The Donkey Hodie plush and Purple Panda plush will be available on Amazon this fall.

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