Incredible Group to Make Toy Fair Debut

Incredible Group, a distributor of toys and licensed products, will be making its first appearance at Toy Fair in New York from Sept. 30-Oct. 3. 

Some highlights of the company’s Toy Fair lineup are licensed Jelly Belly toys and collectibles, including squishy toys that look and smell like jelly beans; squishy fidget toys including Squishi Piez, Balloonasaurs, Balloonicorns, and Balloon Dogs; and Motionz and Liquidz, neon signs and lamps that can be displayed anywhere in the home.

The main feature of Incredible Group’s Toy Fair display will be the Popper Blasters, toy blasters that can launch foam balls up to 25 feet. The blasters use an air-powered pump action to launch ammunition indoors and outdoors. The Popper Blasters come with two blasters in each package with dozens of rounds of ammunition. The Popper Blasters are designed for kids ages 6 and up and will begin hitting shelves next month. 

 Incredible Group will be showcasing its products at Toy Fair in Booth No. 6810.

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