Hunter Price and Crayola Unveil Collectible Erasers ImagiPals

Hunter Price International and Crayola have teamed up to create collectible eraser characters. 

Crayola ImagiPals can be used to tell stories, act out scenes, and create unique little worlds. The debut collection, Animal Kingdom, includes six mystery animal characters from around the world: a lion, a penguin, a fox, an elephant, a koala, and a panda. 

Each animal comes in a reusable surprise ball that includes the animal character, a mini coloring page depicting the animal’s habitat, Crayola crayons, and stickers. Using the stickers, kids ages 5 and up can transform the ball into the ImagiPals character’s home. When kids collect and complete the entire set, the coloring pages and character homes form a colorful animal kingdom.

“With ImagiPals, Hunter Price has developed a creative activity for children that exemplifies the Crayola brand — one that engages their imagination and encourages self-expression as they dream up stories for the new worlds and characters they create,” says Rob Spindley, Licensing Director for EMEA at Crayola. “We look forward to bringing even more of these playful opportunities to the consumer.” 

The name “ImagiPals” combines the limitless potential of imagination with the joy of friendship. “Crayola ImagiPals fully aligns with what we’re all about as a business — we’re dedicated to design and committed to creating and developing new brands and products with purpose,” says Ben Cornwell, Sales Director for Stationary, Arts, & Crafts at Hunter Price. “Crayola ImagiPals has so much potential, and we’ve had such incredible feedback from the market already. We’ve developed a brand strategy which is focused around building a limitless world of imagination through creativity, characters, and playful design. The debut collection is just the beginning with new characters and collaborations joining the ImagiPals family in the very near future.”

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The new brand will launch at retail partners B&M, The Works, and Poundland in the U.K. and European markets later this year, with more to be announced in the coming months.


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