‘Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge’ Winner Inspires Die-Cast Toy Car

We’ve already covered Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, the car makeover show from NBC that brought Mattel’s iconic Hot Wheels brand to a number of competitors hoping to make the next great car. Now, Season 1 of the show has finished and a winner has been crowned. Arushi Garg, a 38-year-old social media creator and mom from Houston, was named the champion last night.

Garg was presented with a 1996 Nissan Skyline to make into a Hot Wheels car worthy of the finale. With her win, she can expect to go home with the grand prize of $50,000. The winning car, named “Rally Resilience” by Garg, featured a popping red paint job, 24-inch wheels, extended fenders, and beaming light bars.

The final design goes miniature for a new Hot Wheels toy. | Source: Mattel

Mattel has seen to it that her final car gets the full Hot Wheels treatment. The new 1:64 scale version of the larger vehicle is already available on the Mattel Creations store page, and features the phrases “Unlock Your Courage” on the hood and “Unstoppable” on the spoiler.

The new Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge Nissan Skyline GT-R is available for preorder now at Mattel Creations, with expectations to ship next July. The first full season of Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge is available for streaming now on Peacock, and will be re-airing on USA Network starting Monday, Sep. 4.

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