Headstart to Debut Cubeez at Toy Fair

Australian toy company Headstart will showcase its latest collection, Cubeez, at Toy Fair this weekend.  

Cubeez are cube-shaped plush collectibles with arms and legs that kids can stack on top of each other. Cubeez come in several designs, including a bear combined with Boba, a mermaid kitty, a dragon, a donut, an ice cream cone, a cactus, a chocolate bar, a unicorn, a panda, dogs, and more, each of which come in 10-cm and 20-cm plush. 

The plush cubes are made of foam and are squishy, so kids can snuggle with them or use them as stress toys. As kids grow their collection of Cubeez, they can start stacking them on top of each other in towers, pyramids, and more. 

Other toy brands from Headstart include Popillows, animal-themed pillows that pop open; Ooshies, surprise toys that feature kids’ favorite characters including Disney characters and superheroes; and Garbage Guts, trash-themed characters that vomit. 

Cubeez will be on display at Toy Fair in New York City from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 before hitting store shelves in January.

منبع: https://toybook.com/cubeez-debut-toy-fair-news/

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