Hasbro Star Wars August 29 Livestream: The Black Series Reveals

Here are all the new reveals for the Black Series from today’s Hasbro livestream! And as expected it’s all about the brand new Ahsoka series!

  • Chopper (repack)
  • Huyang
  • Ezra Bridger
  • Morgan Elsbeth
  • HK-87 (repaint)
  • Marrock
  • Sabine Wren roleplay helmet

The figures will all be available in fall 2023, pre-order starts tomorrow, August 30th, at 1pm ET. The Sabine helmet can also be pre-ordered tomorrow, but will only be released in fall of 2024!

Two pipeline figures were revealed as well, so coming to the Black Series at a later date will be:

  • Moma Nadon aka Hammerhead
  • R5-D4 and three Pit Droids

Click through for photos!

Marrock is coming to the Black Series

And here are some photos…

Chopper is the same figure as before. He comes with the same accessories too.


Professor Huyang is an all new figure!


Ezra is an all new figure as well of course.


The TVC counterpart has soft goods, TBS Morgan Elsbeth has a plastic robe instead, but it has cuts so she can be posed somewhat more dynamically. Please note that this figure will come with the insane amount of 0 (as in ZERO) accessories. Nothing at all. Not even the wayfinder map. Expect her to warm pegs everwhere come fall 2023. Other than that she figure looks nice though, likeness is spot on.


This is a repaint from the Mandalorian HK-87 droid. So nothing new.


And finally Marrock, he has some weathering. But no removable helmet of course.


Sabine’s helmet will be released next year.

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All items can be pre-ordered on August 30th, 1pm ET, they are all mainline items!


And here are the pipeline reveals:

Just two figures this time. Moma Nadon is no surprise, given how Hasbro already made this figure, more or less. R5 and the Pit Droids are from The Mandalorian, now the question is if Hasbro will also make Peli Motto.

And that’s it.

All in all an “ok” reveal, in my opinion, certainly nothing to get too excited about. One repaint and one repack mean there are four new figures this time. Still missing are Thrawn, Baylan and Shin, but I am certain they will come in an eventual wave 2 of Ahsoka figures.

What do you think? Will you pre-order all or some of the figures?

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