Fun In Motion Toys Launches Duomoto Puzzle Cube

Fun In Motion Toys’ latest puzzle cube is almost here. 

Much like the Shashibo puzzle cube, the Duomoto can transform into dozens of shapes and is powered by rare earth magnets. However, the Duomoto features two segments instead of just one, which can lead to different shapes that the Shashibo can’t accomplish. 

“We are excited to introduce Duomoto to our magnetic puzzle cube category,” says Kevin Daniels, Co-Founder at Fun In Motion Toys. “Our team has poured their creativity and engineering expertise into creating a truly one-of-a-kind puzzle that will delight and challenge users of all ages. Along with Shashibo and our other best-selling puzzle cube Cubendi, Duomoto is another proud introduction for us in this category we have nurtured over the years.” 

The Duomoto can be combined with other Duomoto cubes to multiply the puzzle-solving fun even more. The Duomoto is set to join the Shashibo and Cubendi at starting later this fall.


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