Fanhome Relaunches a Trio of Model Kits Previously Left in Limbo by Eaglemoss Hero Collector Collapse

Model builders can get back to their projects thanks to a raft of new offerings from Fanhome.

Fanhome, the growing offshoot of De Agostini Publishing, is extending its collection of “partworks” model kits with the relaunch of three build-ups that were previously left in limbo by the bankruptcy and closure of Eaglemoss Hero Collector last year. The offerings include the Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise-D under license from Paramount Consumer Products: the Back to the Future DMC-12 DeLorean Time Machine under license from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment; and the 1967 Eleanor Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds under license from Eleanor Licensing/Denice Shakarian Halick.

Each project rolls out over the course of a few years through assembly stages delivered in packages that include parts, instructions, and bonus gifts. The parts click and screw together to avoid the need for paint and glue and a screwdriver is included.

Source: Fanhome

Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise-D

The Enterprise-D features light-up engines, an illuminated deflector dish and windows, and a detachable saucer section. When completed, the ship measures 26.5 inches long and 20 inches wide.

“Fans have made it loud and clear that they want to get back to building the Enterprise-D, and we at Fanhome are happy to accommodate them, and also to introduce the build-up model to anyone just getting into the hobby. The Enterprise-D is one of the most beloved ships in all of science fiction, and it’s an honor for us to release it from spacedock.”

Nuño Pasqual del Pobil, Chief Digital Marketing & Communication Officer of Fanhome

Source: Fanhome

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Back to the Future DMC-12 DeLorean Time Machine

This 1:8 scale model features film-accurate details including cables, interior, time circuits, and the Flux Capacitor. Joe Walser, an expert on the Time Machine, consulted on the design of the model.

“This is one of the most famous cars in entertainment history. We know that fans are excited and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to sign up for a subscription, and we expect that this build-up model will sell out quickly,” says Pasqual del Pobil.

Source: Fanhome

1967 Eleanor Mustang

This screen-accurate build-up model features working lights at the front and rear of the car; engine and horn sounds; a “Go, baby, go” gearshift booster; trunk, doors, and hood that open and close; and front wheels that turn using the car’s steering wheel.

“Mustang aficionados and moviegoers alike have loved the Eleanor for parts of seven decades, a truly remarkable span of time that reveals just how timeless the car is,” Pasqual del Pobil says. “The team at Fanhome is happy that collectors can now continue building their Eleanor models, or join in on the fun as first-timers.”

Fanhome is offering first- and second- package discounts for new subscribers. Builders that previously subscribed through Eaglemoss can choose which package they’d like to restart their subscriptions with.

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