Exclusive: Cepia Marks Toy Fair with Launch of ZhuZhu Aquarium, Decora Girlz

Cepia is rolling into Toy Fair in a big way.

The company behind Cats vs Pickles is going back to one of its early successes for the return of ZhuZhu Pets. The famed brand is back as ZhuZhu Aquarium, a new range of vibrant toy fish and accessories that kids can use to create a mess-free aquatic-themed environment.

Zhu Zhu Pets set a precedent as an epitome of interactive fun. We knew when we brought them back, it had to be even more special. Kids adore the allure of fish, and the idea of combining that with the tactile pleasure of play was irresistible. The Zhu Zhu Aquarium is a realm where aquatic meets terrestrial, all with no water spills or mess. It's pure imaginative fun, uninterrupted."

James Russell Hornsby, Founder and CEO of Cepia

ZhuZhu Aquarium will launch next spring with a collection of six plush tropical fish ($9.99-12.99) for kids ages 4 and up. Aquarium Accessories ($9.99-19.99) include a fish bubble, a boat the fish can drive, and more. Kids can connect the accessories to create their own playful world.

Decora Girlz is a new range of 5-inch collectible dolls inspired by the Japanese Decora Kei aesthetic — a trend of dressing in colorful layers while rockin’ brightly colored hair. Each doll features rooted hair and comes with eight surprises including a dress, shoes, an accessory, a comb, and a a collection of stickers.

Decora Girlz celebrates friendship, individuality, and the sheer joy of self-expression. It's not just a toy — it's an experience."

James Russell Hornsby, CEO and Founder of Cepia

Geared toward kids ages 4 and up, Decora Girlz carry a $9.97 MSRP and will hit retailers next spring.

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