Enso Rings Announces Ahsoka Tano Ring Collection

Check out the latest releases from Enso Rings: The Ahsoka Tano Ring Collection. Click below for a few images.

Step into a galaxy far, far away with the latest Star Wars™ Enso Rings – the Ahsoka Tano Ring Collection. Inspired by Ahsoka Tano, this extraordinary ring collection pays tribute to the fearless leader and her heroism throughout the galaxy.

The Ahsoka Tano™ Ring features expert etching and DualTone sapphire and pearl design that embodies her warrior spirit—paired with the Ahsoka Tano Aurebesh™ Ring, this copper-colored ring is etched with Ahsoka’s name in Aurebesh, honoring her legacy as a respected leader and a formidable fighter in the Star Wars universe.

Launched August 22, each ring retails for $49.99, available in sizes 5 to 12. In addition, Enso Rings will also be offering bundle options: Option 1 – Ahsoka Tano Ring™ and Ahsoka Tano Aurebesh™ , or 3 Stackable for $79.99 & Option 2 – Ahsoka Tano Ring™ and Ahsoka Tano Aurebesh™ + 3 Stackables = $114.99.


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