Douglas to Debut New Bunny Plush Next Year

Douglas is gearing up for 2024 with nine new plush bunnies set to come out in January. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the bunnies come from multiple Douglas lines, including DLux and Softs. 

There are four Softs in the lineup: Sweetie the Rainbow Bunny, a tie-dye bunny in green, yellow, pink, purple, and blue which comes in a 6.5-inch Mini Soft and 12-inch Super Soft; Vickie the Purple Bunny Soft, a lavender Soft that is 8 inches tall; and Toastie the Tan Bunny Soft, a tan-colored Soft with cream paw pads and ears.

Douglas is also releasing three versions of Cheeks Bunny, a 6-inch tall plush that comes in cream, tan, and dark brown and has a white belly. The collection is rounded off with two DLux Bunnies: Clover and Thistle. These two plush are 13 inches long lying down and feature cream and light brown fur respectively. 

This collection of bunnies will be available at specialty gift and toy stores starting in January. Douglas will be at Toy Fair New York this September at Booth No. 1565.


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