Douglas to Bring More Feathered Friends to Stores Next Year

 Douglas continues to reveal its upcoming slate of plush for next year with a fresh lineup of bird plush.

These plush are designed for kids ages 3 and up and are made to look just like the species of bird they are inspired by. Melody features the orange belly, brown wings, and black head of a robin. Nectar the Hummingbird has a long, narrow beak with a lime green body and a splash of orange under his beak.

The Colorful Chick Assortment is bringing Easter cheer with three 6-inch baby chicks in pink, orange, and blue.

There is one Mini Soft, two Softs, and one Super Soft in this collection. Dennie is a typical duckling featuring soft yellow down and a bright orange beak and feet. Dennie comes as a 9-inch Soft or a 12-inch Super Soft. 

Mallorie the Baby Mallard is a 7.5-inch Mini Soft designed to look like a mallard duckling, complete with a brown body and wings with yellow markings on her face and belly. Desie the Mallard Soft features a grown-up male mallard with a brown body, white band on its neck, and green head.

This collection of plush from Douglas will hit shelves at specialty toy stores starting next spring.

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