Creative Kids Group Reveals Nano Crafts

Creative Kids Group, the arts and crafts company, will launch a new in-house brand, Nano Crafts, this October.

The new brand focuses on one specific social media-fueled play trend: nano tape. Nano tape is a kind of double-sided tape made of carbon nanotubes. Once its backing is peeled, the tape sticks to itself and is durable enough to create shapes and figures. 

Creative Kids Group will be one of the first to bring the TikTok trend to retail shelves, aiming to widen accessibility with simple instructions, supplies, and attractive price points (the products will range in cost from 99 cents to $29.99). The initial line will comprise of several kits to make keychains, bubbles, and more, namely the Nano Crafts Mix Set, Nano Crafts Mini Play Kit, Nano Crafts Make and Inflate Nano Buddies, Nano Crafts Inflatable Buddies Trio, Nano Crafts Keychain Squishy Kit, Nano Crafts Pets, Nano Crafts Deluxe Kit, and Nano Crafts Deluxe Design Studio.

“At Creative Kids, we pride ourselves in spotting trends early and bringing them to market quickly,” says Creative Kids Partner and Chief Marketing Officer Daniel DeLapa. “We noticed this viral craft trend taking off — with more than 1.6 billion views across TikTok and YouTube —  and we knew it was the perfect extension of our popular craft product offering.” 

Nano Crafts will initially be available at Hobby Lobby with wider distribution in early 2024.

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