Crazy Aaron’s Land of Dough Now Found on Target Shelves

An endless world of imagination, that fits your family’s eco-friendly lifestyle, is now just one quick stop on the way home. Following its launch at, Crazy Aaron’s Land of Dough, a line of products featuring the company’s dough compound, are now available in select Target stores. 

Crazy Aaron’s, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, offers three options of colorful dough with sparkling glitter. The 5-ounce “I <3 Rainbow” cup features bright colors similar to the “Over the Rainbow” cup featured above, and the 5-ounce “Saturn Swirl” cup features space-inspired colors. Both cups are Target store exclusives and cannot be purchased online.

The 1.5-ounce “Mini” Land of Dough cups are also available in eight two-toned colors for creations that require a more colorful pop.

Land of Dough products are made from natural materials, such as natural color and glitter, and come in compostable packaging. Don’t worry about the smell, as your craftime will have a pleasant aroma from the dough’s signature scents. The dough will dry in the open air over the course of a few hours, but can be easily re-hydrated for more fun and crazy creations! 

Crazy Aaron’s Land of Dough also serves as a tactical sensory experience that can help tune fine motor skills. The dough promotes sharing and can be a tool for social development as well. 

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Crazy Aaron’s Land of Dough is designed for kids ages 3 and up and ranges from $2.99-9.99. The dough can also be found online at the links below. For more information, visit 


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